Wednesday, 21 September 2016


Yesterday morning Precious was not his usual active self. . When I lifted him, his body was hot. I fed him lots of water and then went off to work. During lunchtime, I went back to check on him and found that he had grown listless and his body was very hot. So I knew that it was time to take him to the vet.
Dr Murrugaya took his temperature and informed me that my furry son was running a very high temperature. The vet said he had a viral infection.  He gave the little guy an injection and fed him antibiotics.  Then he gave me instructions on feeding time for his medication.

 When I took him home, Precious was still looking very tired.  I took him to work with me in the afternoon so that I could keep an eye on the furball.  He became a bit better.  I guess the medicine was working.
He is still weak and not active.  He also did not eat much.  Hopefully he will be his normal self when I wake up in the morning..

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