Monday, 22 August 2016


Hang Feng Shui Bells to Invite Good Fortune into your Home or Office

The sound of bells brings balance and healing to any environment through the power of sound therapy. It breaks stagnant energy present in any room, and works to release blockages in our minds, bodies and spirits, bringing a sense of peace into tense situations or moments in life. In feng shui, bells tend to feature different cure symbols for use in different situations. The most sought after include prosperity, abundance, and protection, and when rung, these prominent symbols are put into action.

For example, for clients wanting to attract fortune and prosperity, we recommend the Double Fish Bell. The Double Fish symbolizes wealth, good fortune and the ease to attain it. So these bells are very auspicious! These are to be hung on your main office door or your home’s main entrance to encourage the good fortune to come in.

The reason why bells should be hung on doors is because each time the door opens, the bell will activate and create stimulating yang energy (the energy of action, power, and fortune). We recommend tying these on the outside doorknob of your chosen entrance to invite these prosperous energies.


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