Sunday, 7 August 2016


When i first got Precious I thought he was a small cat with Persian blood. But boy was I wrong. With time, he outgrew his brother, Junior and he became longer and longer. My friend, Kak Rozie told me that Precious has Maine Coon blood as she had such a cat before.  She does seem to be right, as my cat has lots of traits of this type of cat.

Now I can still lift Precious easily now but if he keeps growing bigger and longer, then I might have problems doing so. Precious is 5. 5 kg and Junior is 5 kg. His vet, Dr Murrugaya said that Precious might reach a weight of 10 kg when fully grown at 3 years. He might grow to 40 inches from tip of nose to tip of tail. I think he is about 26 or 28 inches now.

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