Monday, 8 August 2016


When people see Precious they always say sooo cute, please give him to me.
Well, let me tell you that it is not as easy as one thinks. Looking after Junior and him takes a lot of time and effort.. I get rid of their litter once in the morning and once at night. The cat sand is changed once a week. Precious' fur needs to be combed at least once a day. If not it gets tangled. The cats are bathed once a week. In between they are cleaned with wet wipes. To keep them active, they need to play with their cat toys which need a human to operate.
When they are not well I stay up the whole night to check on them. If they are really sick they warded at the animal clinic. The medical expenses will not
Then there are the expenses for food and kitty snacks. They already had their 3 vaccination jabs. After that they need to get annual shots. Every two months I send them to the vet for deworming. Soon I will be sending them for anti rabies jabs. If they show signs of sickness I send them to the vet immediately.
Do you think that I will easily give him to someone who says he is cute and wants him? No way.
By the way, I saw cross breed Maine Coon kittens for sale at the pet shop, can get for between RM500 to RM800. Can buy a reasonably sized cage for about RM300. The vaccination jabs will.cost about RM150. The kittens are very cute. Can choose the cutest and buy.

Shafiq helping me to comb Precious' fur

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