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"Your Body’s Feng Shui — What Your Health Says About Your Life"

"Your Body’s Feng Shui — What Your Health Says About Your Life"

by Kathryn Weber

When we want to read our environment to learn more about our lives, feng shui helps us to understand what our environments are saying about our business success, our family, our health and our relationship happiness.

What’s fascinating about the study of feng shui is to see the correlation between our lives and our bodies. In addition to reading our spaces to tell us where we can improve our lives, we can also look at our bodies to gain better understanding of our lives and our happiness.

Many times before we take a big step in our life – especially a step that requires our faith and courage – we become ill. Illness isn’t always a sign that something’s wrong; it’s often a sign of growth. It’s our body’s way of “pulling in” and helping itself to marshal its full energy before taking on a big endeavor.

To put it another way, we often break down before we break through.

Start paying attention to when your body breaks down. It’s often before you make a big step – especially a step that is purely for ourselves – like writing a novel, beginning an important course, getting married or moving.

There are other signs our bodies make that relate to areas in our life where we might be trying to grow or where we need to take steps. The list below will help you decipher your body’s feng shui code.

North/business and career opportunities.

Business relates to the ears. Think about it: how do we learn about opportunities and chances to advance in our jobs and business? We hear about them. If you’re ears or this portion of your head is bothering you, are you listening for chances to move ahead or are you waiting for an invitation? To move ahead, be sure you stay attuned to the business messages around you.

This is also the sector of money. Notice I said money, not wealth. Wealth is accumulated money like stocks, bonds and 401K’s… The north (and the ears) are about money coming in the door, week after week, month after month. This is salary, sales, and money-making opportunities. Keep your ears clean, trimmed, adorned and wear your hair tucked behind your ears….and listen more for opportunities.

South/recognition and business success.

This relates to the heart and eyes. Maybe you aren’t ‘seeing’ the opportunities and you’re blind to your chances to advance. Or, you might not be following your heart’s desire in your career. Do your best to look ahead and be visionary with your job or your business and life. If your eyes are bothering you, you might not want to really “look” at what’s upsetting you.

Eyes relate to success and maybe you’re not seeing yourself as a success. What could you do to change how you see yourself — and how others see you? Think about what you could do to improve your image so you can “see” yourself looking more successful.

East/family, health and growth.

This relates to the feet, and also the lungs. If you have problems with your feet (or lungs), you have a problem with inertia. You may find it’s hard to get growing if it’s hard to get going. When your feet or breathing slow you down in life, you feel like life is standing still or going backwards. This can manifest as problems with the toes, cracked heels, fungus, asthma, COPD, and chronic respiratory problems.

You may have to “take a big step” in your life. Talk to your podiatrist about any foot problems you’re having and get them resolved to help you move ahead in life. Reconsider your diet too.

If you have severe edema or swelling, reduce carbohydrates. These can be yin because they create water and water slows you down. Trees can drown in too much water …and so can people. Or, take a look at the shoes you’re wearing — if it’s all fashion and they’re killing you, you’re risking your growth and health. Feng shui is about balance, so look for shoes that balance fashion with comfort.

Southeast/wealth, material abundance.

This relates to the hips and thighs. This is an area that is a source of power and strength – much like having a large amount of money in the bank. If your hips are hurting from sciatica or bursitis, money may weigh on your mind and you may suffer from anger and gallbladder problems.

More to the point, the kind of money that you accumulate may bother you. You may worry that you don’t have enough saved, or for you enough may never really be enough.

Talk to an acupuncturist or good massage therapist to help loosen up your hips and thighs so that you aren’t so uptight about money – and set aside some money you never touch. Ever. Just having some money that’s accumulating will help to rebalance your energies, particularly if you have a problem with accumulating money.

Southwest/romance, love, relationships.

When your stomach and body core bothers you, you could feel like a situation is too much to stomach. Maybe you don’t feel like you’re really loved and appreciated. A woman may be letting you down or you may feel pressured to live up to unrealistic expectations if you are a woman. Sometimes stomach problems show up as nosebleeds. Find someone or a group where you will be accepted and loved. Or, disassociate yourself from those who you feel are not supportive of you or drain your energy.

West/creativity, children, projects.

This area is associated with the mouth. When you have tooth pains or mouth problems, you may find that you have a problem expressing yourself. The teeth relate to stating your needs, wants, desires and your individual creative expression. When a mouth problem comes up, ask yourself if you need to express yourself or if you are expressing yourself fully. Maybe you’re not living up to your creative potential.

Northwest/helpful people, mentors, international travel.

This area is associated with the head. When there are migraines, sinus problems and any kind of problems with the head, even eczema or dandruff, maybe you’re not letting go of your thoughts and expressing yourself well. Maybe you feel like you’re going everything alone. Look for a mentor for yourself. Try to align yourself with others who can help you get ahead. Seek out influential people and ask for their assistance.

If you find thoughts swimming around in your head all the time, chances are you aren’t asking for the help you need or you are lacking in perspective. Try to find time and space to “clear your head” and go to places like the mountains or beach where you can see far distances and release tension that’s in your head.

Northeast/good decisions, wisdom, learning.

This direction is associated with learning and wisdom and relates to the hands. When there is a problem with the hands, decisions may be hasty, rash or lack thoughtful reflection. Hands are our “doing” parts of our body — and the brain’s extension outside of our body. Do you find yourself frequently hurting your hands? You may have problems with clear thinking and ability to make good decisions.

More specifically, many times when you have a difficult decision to make you may injury your wrist, hands or arm. This is a sign that you've delayed making the decision and that it's time to act.

To help your mind and the ability to make good, sound decisions, focus on where your hands are and what your hands are doing. Give them extra care and attention – how long has it been since you’ve had a manicure? Being more conscientious about your hands will help your thoughts be clearer and more reflective.

Source:  www.redlotusletter.com

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