Friday, 8 July 2016


Some Chinese believe that to step on ones name or image is to show great disrespect. To those who are superstitious, this act would bring bad luck for the person who bears the name or whose imaged is stepped on.
There is this recent article again on South Korean actor, Song Joong Ki whose image for the Vivo advertisement was placed on the floor. Well, Vivo soon learnt the power of the Korean hottie's fans.

Chinese fans are angry to find Song Jong Ki's handsome face on the subway floors.

Cell phone company 'Vivo' is under heavy criticism by the actor's fandom for inappropriately placing his ads. Chinese netizens even threateningly wrote, "If you don't make a public apology, then we will shutdown your stores."

'Vivo' soon responded, "We have noticed the seriousness of the inappropriate subway ads, and have sent people to take them down over night. We promise not to make such happenings again."

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