Friday, 8 July 2016


A few months ago, there was this news article about the image of South Korean actor, Song Joong Ki being printed on Hell Bank Notes or money burnt for the dead.  Chinese businessmen dealing in the paraphernalia for the dead decided that the actor was so popular that the notes would boost sales.  
Aiyoh.  This is truly in bad taste.  Thankfully the episode happened in April and the actor is still okay.  I guess the Gods in Heaven know that it is not the actor's doing.  If there should be punishment then those who did the printing and selling the image of a live person on notes meant for the dead should  be made to pay.

Korean actor Song Joong Ki's image printed on hell notes in China

SOUTH Korean actor Song Joong Ki is so popular in China that some merchants printed his image on joss papers and sold them as part of offerings by families to their late kin this tomb-sweeping festival.

The boyish-looking hunk has become all the rage in China since the television drama Descendants Of The Sun, in which he plays a special forces officer on an overseas peacekeeping mission, began airing in late February.

"This is really an extreme business move," a netizen wrote in Weibo, China's most popular microblogging site, in a comment on the joss papers bearing Song's image and denominated as 50,000 won (S$58) notes - the highest value in South Korea's paper currency.

Another quipped: "His name calls for it," suggesting that the 31-year-old's name bears resemblance to the Chinese term for "papers for the departed".

But Song's female fans seem to be unamused, with one slamming the design as "uncivil".

Another follower lamented angrily that "the makers of ghost money have gone overboard".

Descendants Of The Sun, which has been viewed more than a billion times in China, is expected to continue to draw viewers even after April 16 when the whole show is completely streamed.


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