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"Feng Shui Water Features that Refresh and Attract Health and Wealth"

"Feng Shui Water Features that Refresh and Attract Health and Wealth"

by Kathryn Weber

Water features are one of the best ways to activate your home's feng shui. Few hotels or shopping malls today operate without having some kind of bubbling fountain that's at once relaxing for patrons and stimulates the whole space with excellent chi.

Seeing water is immediately soothing, and that's why so many of us vacation at places where we can enjoy a view of water. For the Japanese, no vacation getaway is complete without a visit to bathe in an onsen, or hot spring.

Casinos and hotels in Las Vegas know better than anyone how much water can bring in sales. Look no further than the Bellagio hotel and it's world renown dancing fountain and you have the perfect feng shui enhancement.

The Bellagio faces east and its famed fountain is situated directly in front of the hotel. This placement of water in the east wood direction ensures continued growth and popularity of the hotel. The fountain is made up of both a tranquil open pond and the powerful dancing and illuminated fountains that are set to move to music.

This hotel is always filled with guests, casino patrons and others who come to enjoy the beautiful and refreshing environs of the hotel, and the hotels water features have a big role in its popularity, drawing visitors and customers magnetically with its entrancing waters.

In a hotel or a home, the addition of water brings multiple benefits, such as activating wealth and opportunity, and enhancing health and vitality. Having a fountain at the entrance to a home or business is especially beneficial as it brings money, growth, opportunity and health to the occupants of the home.

Follow these 8 important steps in creating your own water feature to boost your income, assets, health and enjoyment in life!

Generating and collecting.

It's vital that all water features have both a generating and collecting point. That means there should be a bubbling fountain or waterfall, and there should be a collection point. Financially, these two types of water represent two types of money: income and savings, the two types of money everyone wants more of.

Avoid disappearing fountains because these represent disappearing money that fails to accumulate. Another way of saying this? Having a disappearing fountain means that money comes in and then right out as you pay one bill after another and never get ahead financially.

Yang water.

There are two types of energy in all things: yin and yang. Yin water is still, like a gazing pool or even a toilet. Yang water is energetic, activated and energized. Years ago, pioneers and settlers knew always to drink from moving water and never still water as it could have poisons or bacteria present. Always make sure your water is active, and it will energize your life and home.

Water flows towards you.

Water should never appear to flow away from you. If you have a fountain, make sure that it looks like it is flowing toward the door or opening to your home or business.

Clean, clear water.

Water features, fountains, swimming pools, ponds and aquariums can only create good chi is they are kept clean, clear and running. Never let your water become cloudy or have your fish swim in murky water. Dirty water creates ill health and problems with money.

Water in front.

It's always best to have water in front of your house instead of at the rear. Of course, most swimming pools are placed at the rear of the house, but if possible, try to have the pool installed to one side or the other so that the pool isn't directly out the back door or that you can see the pool from the front door. Pools that can seen from the front door can often drain the money out of a home, and can often cause bankruptcy. Do block the view with shrubs or curtains.

Enhance your water.

To get the most out of your water be sure to activate it with beautiful plantings, flowers, and objects d'art. Urns are wonderful as they represent collectors of good chi. Adding a dragon is another way to enhance your water feature. The most important water activator? Light. Add lighting to your water feature to add more yang energy and further enhance the quality of the water. When building your water feature look for ways to build in either three or six falls as these are especially auspicious and enhancing for growth and heavenly blessings!

Water don'ts.

Avoid having water running at night time or where you can hear it while you sleep, having it positioned so that it appears to be flowing away from you, or improperly sized. It's important that there is enough water in your feature to properly activate the water and wealth energy.

It's also important that your water feature is not over-sized either. This is a case of too much of a good thing. When the water feature is a large swimming pool at a modest house, the water energy can turn negative. Always keep the size proportional. Tiny tabletop fountains that only hold a cup of water will hardly activate your wealth energy -- make your water sizable enough to count!

Place water well.

Besides having your water at the front of your house, what else can you do? For starters, do be sure that the water is on the left side of the front door (as you are looking out from the door). Water features on the right can attract predatory females. However, if infidelity is not a problem in your relationship and this is the only place for a fountain, then you can place it there.

Consider adding a water feature in your living room, home office, in the wealth corner (SE), the marriage corner (SW) to bring prosperity to the woman and family, the east for growth, good health and family relationships, and in the north for career and business opportunity and enhanced income.


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