Saturday, 25 June 2016


When it is holiday time and the janitors are not around, I try to go back to college to tend the plants in the herb garden. I took over the management of the garden in 2007 and have added a lot of herbs. Many of the herbs that were originally there had died and were replaced with different ones like pokok ajaib, semangkuk, lidah ayam, zebrina, tunjuk langit, halban, mata itik, cabang tiga, senggugut, telinga gajah, tebu gajah, tunjuk langit, YTT, puding belacan, putat, kayu manis, limau nipis, Sabah Snake grass, lelipan, aloe vera, haba neraka, lime, pepanggil, Vanilla, keremak and the list goes on..

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