Thursday, 30 June 2016


My colleagues and students would usually send kittens or injured cats (even birds) that they find to me at the library.  Hmm... they must think I am a full time lecturer and a part-time animal rescuer.  One of my colleagues thought that I'd start an animal shelter when I retire but I have other plants.  Yesterday morning, two of my girls found this cute kitten at the cafeteria and sent it to me. The kitten is ginger in colour and has long thick fur. I was told by the cleaner that the kitten was there since yesterday. The mother cat did not appear at all and everyone was worried that it'd die from hunger.
Initially Baz's sister-in-law wanted the kitten but it was vetoed by family members as there is a baby in the family. Finally Baz had to send it to our former colleague Kak Rozie Shafie to care for until it is big enough to pass to her friend who is looking for a kitten.
After a day with the kitten, Kak Rozie decided to keep it instead of giving it to her friend.  So it is a happy ending for kitty.

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