Friday, 13 May 2016


I was having a chat with the lady cleaners yesterday morning. One was Kasturi, who found Precious and passed it to me. But I was afraid that Junior might injure it and so asked if there were others who wanted a kitten. Then Kasturi asked Pushpa who initially wanted to take Precious home. At that time she actually took Precious during lunch time to show to her hubby who came to pick her up for lunch. He said no and she gave it back to me. Her husband does not like cats and they already have a dog at home. This morning when she was told that Precious was big sized with long hair she said she wanted it. Doesn't she know that the moment she passed it back to me the first time, she relinquished all rights of ownership. Anyway I told her it would be difficult for her to upkeep Precious who has all his vaccination jabs. He is dewormed every two months. She said she could do it and would send Precious to the government vet. Only needs to pay a few ringgit. I said the cat has long and thick fur which has to be combed daily. There are two hairbrushes for him, one especially for tangled hair. Even his kibbles are the ones for no hairball. Furthermore, I said he is of a big species and is not fully grown. She said she would buy a big cage and put him in all the time. Horrors of horrors. I only put my cats in their cages after their baths so that they don't roll around. She finally relented and said she would not have been able to keep him.
I thank the Powers above that she did not take Precious home with her. My poor darling would have had a miserable life. He could have been mauled by the dog, kicked out of the house by the lady's husband or would have tangled and matted fur. God is Great. He knows who to send Precious to.

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