Sunday, 13 March 2016

How to clear your space, change your luck

"Cleanse and Purify Your Life and Your Space with a Singing Bowl"

By Kathryn Weber

When your home, office or bedroom seem still and lifeless, stuffy or stuck, a wonderful feng shui instrument to create a clear, open and vibrant space is the singing bowl. When our spaces are clear, they revitalize and refresh us. When they’re stuffy and stagnant, our daily life feels like molasses, slow and viscous.

Using a singing bowl is a way to purify your home and release old, stuck energies. Using your singing bowl frequently will also create a cleaner, crisper sound as it begins to resonate with your energy and that of your house and space. The more you use it, the better the sound will become and will reflect the increasingly cleaner and clearer energy.

How to choose a singing bowl

Singing bowls are constructed of seven metals that include gold, silver, zinc, copper, tin, lead and iron, and each corresponds to the seven planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn). Each of the metals creates its own unique sound and together, like an orchestra, blend together to make a lovely tone.

When you are looking to buy a singing bowl, look for one that appeals to you in color, size and shape, and of course, sound. Try to test the bowl before you use it so that you are assured of a lovely sound. A singing bowl should come with a small pillow and a wooden mallet. Some mallets have fabric or rubber coverings, and in my opinion, don’t make as good a sound as a plain wooden mallet does. Opt for a plain wooden mallet because it will convey the best sound and make the singing bowl sing more purely and beautifully.

To use your singing bowl

Clear your mind and set your intention on what you would like to achieve with your singing bowl, such as clearing stale energies, removing blocks, improving your health or creating an opening in your life.

Make sure to strike your singing bowl first to wake it up. Strike it in the north, south, east and west positions. Afterwards, on the last strike begin to move the mallet around the bowl to make it hum. Keep the pressure even to maintain the hum of the bowl.

Carry the bowl in your left hand on its cushion, using the mallet in your right hand to circle the bowl. Walk from the center of the room to the door and walk in a clockwise fashion. Alternately, you can place the singing bowl on a table and strike it there and make it sing, allowing the vibrations to move out into the room. To clear your own energies, hold the bowl while standing in clear sunlight and absorb the healing sounds.

When to use your singing bowl

--After there’s been an argument or illness
--Use a singing bowl before and after spring cleaning
--Use a singing bowl to help open your chakras and to create a “sound bath” – good for helping when your life seems stuck. Do this beginning at the New Moon for 15 days to help release old, stuck and stagnant energies
--When you need a change of luck
--When your home has felt “unhappy”
--To lift the energy in stagnant or dark corners of a room
--To bring in opportunity and money to your home. Start the bowl singing at your front door. Circle your front door with it in a clockwise direction three times.

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