Tuesday, 16 February 2016



This cat belongs to the neighbour who lives in front of my house. It used to be a very beautiful cat. It came limping into my house this evening along with a calico cat. I was shocked when I took a closer look at it. The eyes had black rings under them. The fur looked unkempt and dirty. The cat was clearly injured and in need of a good bath. I wanted to wipe the eyes with wet wipes but it ran away.
What to do? My heart broke when I saw it looking so sickly. For fear of angering my neighbour by asking them to treat this poor creature, I am thinking of catching it and giving it a good bath and then getting medicine from the vet to treat the eyes and the injured paw. This cat comes to my house all the time.


Kevin said...

Be careful. We started off with one cat. Now we have four. Hahaha

Miss Cheah said...

Kevin, the cat belongs to my neighbour. He has limited vision after an illness. I am only helping him to treat the cat.