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How to find your Feng Shui facing direction in an apartment

It seems that apartments, flats, tower blocks, penthouses and suites are popping up all over the world at the moment to accommodate the growing global population and with Feng Shui as popular as ever, we receive a great deal of emails and phone calls asking how to find the facing direction of an apartment. Sadly, there is no quick answer for this and it can be a bit tricky to advise over the phone or in an email so we have decided to write this article to help clear up how to take an accurate Compass reading and determine the facing direction of your apartment. 

Traditional apartment buildings 
A traditional type of apartment building consists of no more than five floors or less (also known as ‘walk-up’ apartments) with a small foyer. The apartment units are well defined and are usually two units to each floor. In cases like this, the facing of this type of apartment will naturally coincide with the facing of the building itself which is a very easy way to take a reading where you would take a compass reading from the front door and also the left and right side of the building. In the photo on the left, you would take the compass reading from the front door at the bottom of the apartment and also the left and right side of the building facing the same direction as when you took a reading from the front door. If you get stuck when taking a compass reading, it is always best to take a reading from a few different positions while facing the same direction and taking the average reading from your results to be sure that there is no metal interfering with your readings. 

Multi story apartment complex and high rise buildings 
 Next we have the multi-storey apartment complex and the high rise apartment building. Determining the facing direction of these apartments can be difficult. In many cases, the apartment units may have a different facing direction from the main building itself. With multi-storey apartments and high rise apartment buildings, we believe that it is the facing direction of the apartment unit and not that of the building that determines the Feng Shui of the apartment. This is especially so with modern high rise apartments where each apartment faces a different direction with its own scenic view and balcony. You can usually get a feel for the facing direction of the apartment simply by walking around it. Locate the windows with the most exposed views. One very effective method is to ask yourself, which direction would you generally face when you are sitting inside the apartment? If you are still unsure, you should go outside the apartment building, locate your apartment unit and see which way it faces. Once you know your facing direction take your compass reading outside the block. If this is not possible, stand by your windows with the compass outside the window and take as many reading as you can making sure that you are not standing near any metallic objects (e.g. metal security grill, radiator etc). Now that you know how to take a compass reading in an apartment, tower block, penthouse, suite, loft and studio building, you can start planning our the Flying Star Chart for your apartment; take a look at the related articles below for more information…

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