Thursday, 21 January 2016


Come 4th February 2016, the Number 2 Illness Star would make its way into the Central Palace of the home or building.  To counter this bad star, we need to use the element metal to weaken the earth element of the challenging annual star. One can use six Chinese coins tied together, metallic decorative items, round/circular shapes and colours associated with metal. i.e. gray, white, silver and gold.
Do not use anything related to the fire element such as bright lights, the colour red, candles and triangular shapes. 
I went and bought a gray coloured mat last week and placed it in the centre of my home.  I did not wait under the last minute to remove the red mat and replace it with a metal coloured one.  Since we are into the last three weeks of the Sheep year, the flying stars are almost in their new positions for the new year.  

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