Saturday, 23 January 2016


This is the year of the Fire Monkey.  The focus of the year is on physical and financial security.

According to Jason, the Water element is greatly lacking in the year of the Monkey and needs to be strenghtened in the home.  As far as business and wealth luck are concerned, there are opportunities to be had.  And it is the women who have more clout this year.  Hmm...could we see the first woman President of the USA in the form of Hillary Clinton?  To give luck a boost, try having images of the Dragon.
This is not a great year for relationships.  It is not a good year for forging new partnerships.  It might also be harmful to some friendships.  Envy and Jealousy might be allowed to play havoc this year.  For those who are married or in a relationship, beware of third party interference.
As the Number 2 Illness Star flies into the Central Palace of the Home, it means that sickness, diseases and epidemics might take centrestage.  OMG.
Make sure not to place anything red in the centre as this might give this nasty star more strength.  If you are a Buddhist or Taoist, you may place the Medicine Buddha or Garuda here.  Me?  I placed a grey coloured mat which is representative of the metal element.  This year, we should have more metal in the middle of the house.
If your room is in the centre of the house, then try to look for sleeping quarters in another sector until the dawn of another year.
Things are not looking too good for career luck and opportunities.  If possible, do not change jobs.  Those who are in a leadership position might have a very challenging year ahead.
As far as Education luck goes, the year is excellent for good scholastic luck.  Having a Pagoda on the study table.  The pagoda is also good for controlling the ill effects of the 5 Yellow Star which is in the Northeast.
Those who like to dabble in Stocks would be happy to know that the Stock Market is still positive this year and will continue until the following year.

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