Tuesday, 26 January 2016


The year of the Fire Snake is missing the water element.  And as we know, we need water. It Water is missing from the chart, this suggests that the year lacks power and recognition, meaning one would find it difficult to get recognition for work done.   For those who know how to read the Bazi Chart, there is only one pillar that is harmonious.  The other three pillars clash.  We can see Yang Fire clashing with Yang metal in the Year Pillar which indicates the probability of hostility and discord in relationships.  Oh oh, this is not good.
The first three months of the year is not too rosy.  The year and month pillars clash resulting in disharmony and conflict.   The up side is there are money making opportunities.
The next three months are better as the day pillar elements are productive.  So there is a possibility of the economy picking up.
This would be a year where everyone needs to be mindful of their health.  The Fire and Earth elements in the pillars bring sickness.  This is further compounded by the Black Star 2 taking centre place of the home.  Be extra careful with the heart and lungs.
This is a good year for students and those who wish to further their studies as there is the presence of the Scholastic Brilliance Star in the annual chart.
Couples, married or otherwise, beware as the Monkey Year has the External Flower of Romance Star.  There might be extra-marital affairs and sexual scandals.
All in all, the year ahead is going to be a challenging one.

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