Friday, 22 January 2016

2016 Wealth - Southwest Area

Gem Tree

The Southwest bagua area of your home is hosting a very auspicious feng shui star in 2016. There is the potential of excellent feng shui energy here that can attract luck and prosperity.

The 2016 feng shui star here is the Wealth star #8, and its feng shui element is Earth. This is quite excellent as the element of the Southwest area is also Earth.

Here's how to prepare the Southwest area of your home for good 2016 feng shui:

Decorate with your favourite wealth feng shui cures, such as Chinese coins, the gem tree, the money frog, etc. The Southwest bagua area is a good area to store your financial papers in 2016, as well as to display your feng shui wealth vase.

Introduce Fire and Earth feng shui element decor items and colours, and avoid a strong presence of the Metal element here in 2016. Feng shui crystals are especially good in the Southwest area this year. You can choose Citrine or Pyrite because of their association with wealth, Tiger's Eye for strong protective earth energy, or Amethyst for purification.
Be sure the energy of the Southwest area of your home or office is clean ad beautiful. Keep the energy fresh, flowing and happy.

IMPORTANT: Usually, it is recommended to keep good feng shui annual stars areas active, but because in 2016 there is also the presence of a specific negative energy (traditional feng shui name: Tai Sui, Grand Duke of Jupiter) in the Southwest bagua area, some caution is needed (as well as additional feng shui cures).

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