Tuesday, 15 December 2015


Wheel Noodle is this eatery in located at Jalan Market in Ipoh Old Town where the noodles cost only RM1.90 per bowl and there will be some who take on the challenge to see who can eat the most bowls.  The noodles are served in small bowls with rooster images.  Wheel noodles was called Dong Dong Fun or Noodles as they were sold by hawkers who went about in bicycles.  To get the attention of potential customers, they would hit the wok with a metal spatula. That is where the dong dong sound came about.
When Lai Yoong, Aunt Linda and I were there recently we did not try the wheel noodles.  Instead we went for the Big Bowl Udon Ramen.  The bowl that we ordered was RM29.90.  It was enough for the 3 of us.

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