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"How to Use Water -- Feng Shui’s Element of Transformation and Overcoming Obstacles"

"How to Use Water -- Feng Shui’s Element of Transformation and Overcoming Obstacles"

By Kathryn Weber

One of the most difficult challenges in life when you need something new to happen to to get out of a rut, and that is creating transformation. You may want to create a whole new life, maybe start over after divorce, illness or job loss.

Maybe you want to create a new look for yourself because you’re tired of what you see in the mirror. It could be your weight, your hair color or simply where you live that makes you unhappy.

Maybe you just feel the need for change of any kind to help you out of a rut or that awful state of feeling stuck.

Water is the element you need to help assist you with that change. Water is what we are nourished and born of as babies in our mothers’ wombs. Water has the power to conquer all and can overcome any obstacle.

In feng shui water is understood to work like a mirror of chi, only it is seen whereas chi is unseen. When what we want is change in our lives, it is water that has the power to wipe our slate clean and deliver us to a new reality.

Just look at how a drop of water or a stone has the power to cast a ripple across a wide expanse of water. Water is powerful for change.

Use the transformation tips below to understand how water can both insulate you, and help you transform a situation or your life.

Tap the 1 star for big change

When the 1 annual star comes to visit your bedroom or front door, you’ll often find yourself in a completely different situation in one year than you were in the next. To make this more powerful, adding water to the location of the 1 star will help usher in the change.

Watch the 1 star for your zodiac sign

The 1 star also influences your zodiac sign. When the 1 star visits your sign, such as the rabbit in 2015 and the snake and dragon in 2016, changes will occur. It’s possible you will change job, relationships or move house. To make this change occur, activate with metal here to help you ensure the transformation takes place.

Use water to tap the 1 star

Water is the essential ingredient of the 1 star, and to activate it, you need real moving water. If you’d like to create a shift in your life, be sure to add water wherever the 1 star visits for the year.

In 2016, the 1 star visits the southeast sector. If this is your bedroom or a garage, adding water here isn’t helpful. Instead, add water or water elements (tortoise, shells, pictures of water) in this corner of your living room.

Water affects the person it visits by sector.

In 2015, the oldest son hosted the 1 star. Many oldest sons experienced a significant change. The 1 star also represents income, and in 2015 my son got his first job. In 2016, the 1 star will move to the southeast corner of the oldest daughter. The oldest daughter may find she has a change of job, house, or relationship in the Year of the Monkey. In 2017, the 1 star moves to the center – a sector that will affect everyone in the house!

Water affects the sector it visits.

In 2016, the white 1 star visits the southeast sector of wealth and accumulated assets. It’s possible you may see a change in your savings or investment accounts. If you haven’t set up any investment or retirement accounts, this would be the year when you can set them up to make money for you now and for years to come.

In 2017, the 1 star will be in the center and will affect the health, wealth and happiness of everyone. Incomes could rise and major shifts can occur ranging from the happiest like getting married and having a baby to losing a job or ending a relationship. Much will depend on the stars of your home’s direction.


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