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Children are an important component in any family and anything affecting them hurts the whole family. From young, extra care and protection are given to them to ensure their safety and well-being because they can be vulnerable to negative and unseen entities owing to their innocence.

In all societies, there are various methods, tools and amulets to shield children from harm. Look out for the following warning signs: sleep disturbances, poor academic performance, invisible playmates, unusual behaviours, and mishaps.

One of the first indications that your child is being affected by dark forces is when he or she is experiences sleep disturbances. The problem should be addressed swiftly to minimise damage to body, mind and emotion.

In Vasthu Sastra, individuals must not sleep in the magnetic grid direction of the earth. Never place your head towards the north, with your legs towards the south. This position will drain your energy, affect sleep and ruin health. Sleeping facing all other compass directions is fine.

Place a dream catcher which is made of feathers, bones and other sacred items and hang it at the doorway, window panel or child’s crib or bed. This traditional Native American tool wards off nightmares and allows positive dreams to filter through. Nightmares are caught up in the web and neutralised when the first rays of the sun strike them.
Hang a dream catcher at the bedroom doorway to neutralise bad dreams.

Where possible, avoid taking children to a funeral or graveyard because such places are deemed to have undetected high negative energies that can disturb them. If this cannot be avoided, get them to wear a black onyx or tiger eye stone which has the power to combat and release unpleasant emotions, grief and sorrow when visiting such places.

To guard children when visiting unfamiliar places, sew some salt in a mini cloth bag and ask the child to carry it with him. Salt can remove impurities. They can also carry iron items like nails which are considered protective tools against malevolent forces.

To ward off ill will energies from people who enter your home or space, hang a horseshoe at the main entrance. A crescent moon also has the power to keep away unseen energies.

Keep your child away from people who can cast an evil eye on your child because such individuals are capable of sending ill intent and thoughts which can penetrate your kids’ aura and ruin his happiness. Wear a Turkish or Egyptian evil eye protector to eliminate such harm.

Safeguard newborns

Collect flowers like fragrant jasmine or roses, tie them up and place them in a cloth bag. Keep the bag of flowers by the side of the child’s bed and take some petals and place them under the bed on a new moon day.

You can also take seven slices of bread and place them under the child’s pillow. Leave them overnight. The following day, remove the bread and feed it to the birds.

Protection spell

Children are exposed to risks when they are out of the house. To protect them, take their favourite toy or item and tie a white ribbon on one end and a clear quartz crystal on the other end. Do this activity during the full moon phase. The crystal will ground protective energy and transmit harmonious energy to the child.

Another effective method is to collect some sea water in a bottle and place it under the bed or behind the headboard with the lid open.

Evil eye remover

Cut off a piece of the child’s clothing and burn it together with salt, coriander seeds and black pepper. Use the smoke to sterilise the space occupied by the child and sprinkle the cooled ashes on the child.

Next, take a lime and run it over the child’s body, take it outside your house, cut it and throw it away.

Get an elder to burn some camphor and wave it around the child to destroy any negative aura.

Protective shield

Warm some essential oil like vetiver oil in an aroma burner and inhale the scent deeply. Close your eyes and allow the fragrance to envelop your whole body. You can also mix the oil with fresh water and take a bath. Vetiver is known to have powerful properties to ward off ill intentions. This practice should be observed when you are travelling, visiting a new place or meeting new friends.

Salt protection

Add sea salt and vinegar to the bath and let it dissolve. Take seven bay leaves and mix them with the water. Allow the ingredients to soak for an hour and later take a bath using the water. Tuesday, which is ruled by planet Mars, is the best day to perform the ritual.

Chilli and coconut ritual

Tie seven red chillies at the main doorway of the house. Replace with new ones once the chillies rot because they would have served their purpose. Normally, the chillies will last for several days or even weeks and turn bad easily when you have an unwelcomed visitor. Take a coconut, stand at the main door and visualise all the dark forces passing through your body and hands. Take the coconut outside your house, smash it at the road junction, and return home and bathe immediately.

T. Selva is the author of the Vasthu Sastra Guide and the first disciple of 7th generation Vasthu Sastra master Yuvaraj Sowma from Chennai, India. You can follow him on twitter at @tselvas. This column appears on the last Sunday of every month.

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