Sunday, 21 June 2015


Meet little Muezza.  This was the kitten that wandered to the library area.  My young friend, Shahmi saw it when he came a-visiting. He told me that the kitten looked sick.  Its anus was swollen and it was limping.  Never one to shy away from helping a furry creature in distress, I told Shahmi to quickly bring him into the library.  My friends and fed it.  We found out that it was also purging. Then Shahmi and I bathed and cleaned it. After it was nice and clean, I decided to name it Muezza after the favourite cat of the Prophet Muhammad.
When college was over for the day, Shafiq, Mior and I brought it to the vet.  Dr Murrugaya said that there was nothing much wrong with it except that it had diarrhea.  So happily we brought it back and fed it the medicine.  I had to leave him with with Encik Roslan the security guard as Junior is not a friendly cat and God knows what the rascal will do to the little creature.
The next day, I took it back to the library to nurse as one of the medicine had to be refrigerated.  It was then that my friend, Baz took a liking to it.  According to her, one of her students had picked the kitten up from the drain.  The poor fella had fallen into it.  That was why it was limping.  She had suggested naming the kitten, Nico but I said I had already given the name Muezza.  It is such a beautiful Arabic name with so much meaning to it.  I checked, Muezza or Muizza means The empowerer, the honourer, the strengthener.
I suggested to Baz to adopt the kitten but she said her father would not allow it. Aww. Sad.  But she said that she would take it back home on Friday and help look after it during the weekend as the kitten still had diarrhea and needed to be given its medicine.  At around 1 p.m. she called to tell me she would be returning Muezza to the guard house as the kitten was not well received by her father.  So sad.
Then at around 4 p.m. she sent me a message saying her pet hamster of two years was dying.  At 4.15 p.m. the little breathed his last breath.  What a double blow for my dear friend. First the rejection of Muezza and then the demise of her beloved pet.
Yesterday morning I sent a message to Baz to ask if she had sent Muezza back to the college.  She said that she will be looking after it as her father relented after seeing his grandchild, Yaya so sad and upset over the loss of Taro the hamster.  Hopefully, Muezza gets to live there permanently.  I am praying and hoping with all my heart that the little furball will work its charm and worm its way into the heart of Baz.s family.  After all I do love happy endings.

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