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"Digestive Upset, Stomach Complaints, Hemorrhoids? Check your feng shui."

By Kathryn Weber

One of the most wildly popular feng shui books is Karen Kingston’s “Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui.” And one of the topics she covers in the book – that few others have dared to touch – is the subject of the elimination system and its tie to your personal feng shui.

While it’s not a pretty subject to talk about, Karen deftly connects clutter in the house with the symbol of our internal clutter we all deal with daily: our colon.

She writes that your home is connected to every part of your body, and your colon is too.

The idea is that by looking at both your home’s clutter and removal of what’s unnecessary, used up and needing to be purged, as well as the health of your colon, you’ll create greater health and well-being in all parts of your life.

What’s interesting is that she contends by clearing up your colon, you can help rid yourself of emotional issues that may have been buried for years. Heal Your Body guru Louise Hay says that stomach problems are based on dread and fear of new situations and circumstances. Even bad breath can be a symptom of stomach issues, and one that Hay says is a fixation on thoughts of revenge or personal experiences backing up.

Either way, both are about the past. And that’s true of clutter. It’s about holding on to what’s no longer useful.

I’ve seen clients finally be able to move past emotional blockages in their lives, marriages and careers after a thorough decluttering and cleaning. I’ve also seen resistant clients who love their thrift store and eBay buys and who can never seem to move forward in their lives, staying forever stuck in problems from their past as they live through other people’s castoffs.

If you’ve had stomach or elimination system complaints, take a look at these feng shui tips for helping you clear clutter – both at home and in your colon – and see if your life and elimination system improve.
Heel hemorrhoids.

In the house, hemorrhoids and fissures can often show up as clutter and mess at the back door. Yes, the backdoor of your home symbolizes your body’s “back door” too! Clear out clutter and mess by the door, keep it swept and clear to help if you’ve got hemorrhoid problems.

Constipation equals clutter. Clutter equals constipation.

Whether it’s inside you or surrounding you, clutter and excess represents matter (or matters?) that haven’t been gotten rid of or handled. Work on clearing out excess clutter, particularly at the back of the house (the less public side) and the back door.

Work on emotional matters too. Lay problems to rest – or handle them once and for all. Many stomach complaints can be symbols of denial and refusal to address matters and problems and resolve them.

Hidden clutter symbolizes stomach issues.

Because constipation represents what’s hidden, look for hidden clutter such as the kind found in drawers (like those infamous junk drawers), desks and closets as a source of constipation. Streamline drawers and add organizers to make these areas more orderly.

Another common indicator of constipation? A messy desk. Little sticky notes, random papers and ancient or non-working pens and pencils are a good sign that there’s a stoppage in your colon or stomach problems.

Emotions in the stomach.

When there are difficulties with the stomach, there are often problems with the area representing the abdominal area in our home, the southwest. When the stomach is out of balance, so are the emotions because this is where we process many of our negative emotions (spleen, pancreas, liver, colon, kidney, stomach – fear, anger, worry, depression). Stomach problems can range from stomach rumbling, gas, diarrhea or constipation.

When emotions are out of balance, we often feel it “in our gut.” Work on the southwest corner of your home, living room, the bedroom, your home office, the kitchen and the dining room. Keeping these corners clear and clean will help your stomach and your emotional health, and help relieve you of negative emotions.

Kick digestive problems.

Foot problems give lots of clues about problems in the body. Problems with the big toes, such as callouses and toenail issues can point to problems with the neck. Soreness on the inside ankles or arches can indicate kidney or bladder issues. And the heel? It shows problems too. When the heels are cracked it can indicate anal fissures or hemorrhoids.

Get regular pedicures to keep feet and stomach health in good condition.

If you have severe foot problems such as fungus, be sure to see a podiatrist or your physician as severe foot problems can create a myriad of digestive and bodily complaints. Regular reflexology treatments are also a good idea for keeping the whole body in tip top shape.

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