Sunday, 5 April 2015


The pictures above are of the full moon on April 4, 2015. At a certain time and in some places on earth, the moon might appear red or orange. It is known as a “Blood Moon,” or a moon that can turn red or orange, along with it is a lunar eclipse. The next blood moon is on September 28.

Supermoons are actually a new or full moon which occurs when the moon is closer to the Earth than usual. In 2015 , there will be six supermoons–on January 20, February 18, March 20, August 29, September 28, October 27. All of these are news moons.

Full moons are slated for January 5, February 3, March 5, April 4, May 4, June 2, July 2, July 31, August 14, September 13, October 13, November 11, and December 11.


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