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"Feng Shui Lucky Relationship Stars – Finding and Activating for Wealth and Happiness"

"Feng Shui Lucky Relationship Stars – Finding and Activating for Wealth and Happiness"

By Kathryn Weber

There is no doubt that without love and happiness in our lives, there is no wealth. Only when we have good relationships and harmonious feelings with our friends, family, spouses and partners, do we feel our happiest.

It’s this happiness in our relationships with others that creates contentedness with life, ability to move smoothly up the ladder of success — and often means that we are rewarded financially and emotionally for that harmony.

To be sure, feng shui for relationships runs neck and neck with interest in feng shui for wealth.

That’s probably because just like having no money feels terrible, having no love is isolating and feels awful too.

One of the most beneficial ways to use the wealth of mountain star energies is to create wealth. By activating earth energies appropriately, you can create smooth relationships that foster networking, such as in business or in your career, or have others bring opportunities to you because of the regard and esteem they have for you. This means you rise in esteem, prominence and social status.

Having good earth energy also means family relationships are happier.

This can include siblings, who notoriously are often at odds with one another. It can also include extended family, parents and children. If you run an office or have a business, having excellent mountain star energy can create productive and helpful work relationships, too.

Simply activating mountain stars can help improve your relationships right away.

The table below shows the locations of all the most important and beneficial mountain stars and their locations. One of the key details is where the mountain star is located. Mountain stars are more potent when they’re activated. Look for those corners in your house where you have auspicious mountain stars in the table below. Of course, the Mountain Star 8 and the Mountain Star 6 are the most potent and important stars and can be activated with geodes, vases, crystals or images of mountains.

Mountain Star Relationship Luck Activators

To activate the mountain stars, simply add earth energy! This can range from ceramic items to paintings and artwork that feature mountains. Bear in mind that real, actual crystals and stones are extra-powerful ways to stimulate beneficial mountain stars and help them transform your relationships from humdrum or antagonistic to harmonious and helpful.

Here are some terrific mountain star activators to improve and bolster all your relationships.

Genuine crystals.

Beautiful crystals such as geodes and rock specimens from the earth are some of the most potent activators for relationships. The symbolize the beauty and precious earth energy in its most beautiful forms. Use these crystals, like amethyst, quartz crystals, citrine or any stones to enhance your living room, desk, bedroom or entry way. For wealth, choose citrine and amethyst. To boost thinking and thoughts, have a clear crystal quartz point on your desk.

Crystal balls and crystal points each bring a different kind of earth energy, but both auspicious.

Smooth and round, crystal balls represent smooth and harmonious relationships. Add these in the center of the house to represent the uniting of heaven and earth. Six crystal balls look attractive on coffee tables and create beautiful relationship energy. Even one crystal ball is a wonderful activator for smooth and easy relationships and energies in the house, home or business.

Crystal vases, bowls or chandeliers.

Cut crystal that reflects light, sparkles and shows the multicolored rainbow from its facets are fabulous enhancers for relationships. Even small crystals hung in a window to catch the sun and throw rainbows around the house can bring beautiful loving energies wherever the colors shine! Cut crystal represents the sparkling beauty of happy relationships. Place these anywhere you have auspicious mountain stars.

Ceramic vases.

The vase has long been a symbol of harmony and is one of the eight auspicious objects of Buddhism. Their name in Chinese means “peace.” Having vases displayed wherever you have auspicious mountain stars helps to hold the precious and beautiful mountain star energy. In the location of the 4 or 9 star, flowers can be added for an extra potent boost. But don’t be afraid to leave them empty as they will collect and hold your auspicious energy!

Boulders and stones.

If you have wonderful mountain star energies, like the Double 8, you might want to tap the mountain star 8 by adding real stones and boulders. Having a stone wall or some type of stone feature is another fabulous way to activate the mountain star energies.


Because the mountain star is an earth star, it’s enhanced by fire, or light, which represents fire. Having brilliant bright lighting in the locations of your mountain stars will create more beneficial energy that enhances the mountain star energies. So, think about outside lighting, twinkle lights, crystal chandeliers – anything to brighten up your mountain stars. They’ll thank you in happy, harmonious relationships!

Mountain symbols.

Mountain symbols can include pictures of mountains, sculptures, even a pile of stones that are a mountain shape – all activate the mountain star energies. If you select a picture of mountains, look for one that has the number of peaks that correspond to the number of people in your house, such as four, if you have four family members or if you’re activating the 4 mountain star. In your office, it would be appropriate to have a single peak, such as Mt. Everest – and would be especially helpful to activate the 1 mountain star.

Remember, if you have an 8 wealth star, for example, and you have a bathroom located here, you can always activate the star in that corner of the living room.

Source; www/red.lotusletter.com


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