Sunday, 5 April 2015


 Me with Mr Pang who is holding the draft of his book
 Thim Fook taking pictures of the exhibits

My Ku Ma (paternal aunt) wanted to donate her old TV to the Gopeng Museum. I think the TV is a black and white one from the seventies. You can see my cousin, Thim Fook handing it over to Mr Pang, the person in charge of the place.

Mr Pang told my cousins and I that our great grandfather Cheah Tuck Kong was a great philantropist. He had done a lot for the Chang Lung Association in Gopeng. Mr Pang is writing a book about the history of Gopeng and requested from us a photo of the great grandpa. Aiyoh. Where to find? I will try and ask my ku ma if she kept any photo of her grandpa.

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