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"A Clean House Is a Lucky House -- Spring Cleaning Tips for Creating a Clean, Prosperous Home"

By Kathryn Weber

A clean house is more than just a luxury – it’s necessity. We need a clean house (office or desk) because of all it offers us — visual and mental rest, improved relationships, more enjoyment of life and improved feng shui.

A clean house is efficient, too, because a clean house means you can find what you need when you need it. It also means that you spend less time worrying and frustrated over the mess in your house.

A clean house offers relaxation, because clean houses look better, smell better, and feel better – and that’s what makes you relax. A mess everywhere makes us tense. Even hidden messes worry us, and that brings down our feng shui.

Best of all, a clean house is a lucky house in feng shui.

There’s a lot of talk about decluttering but little mention of the importance of keeping a clean home.

A clean home is regularly scrubbed and the yin dust and cobwebs and grime removed — and that does a lot to lift your home’s energy and improve your life.

Think about it…how often when the house has just been cleaned and everything smells fresh and is sparkling…. how do you feel? Pretty great, right? There’s not too many people who are upset, angry and frustrated in their clean, organized homes.

What does it take to have a truly clean house? Consistency. I find that when my house is cleaned on a regular schedule, it stays cleaner.

Of course, a clean house takes effort, plain and simple.

Ironically, the less a house is cleaned, the more work it takes. Yep, it’s true. If you don’t stay on top of your house, the house will be on top of you — with papers piling up and junk everywhere — not to mention dirt and grime.

Look around. Is your outer life experience mirroring your inner home experience?

What is your house saying about your life?

Think about all the “old” and “unsuccessful” energy that you have in your home.

If you’ve got dust bunnies the size of Great Danes, spring cleaning can really help lift your home’s energy. In feng shui, dirt and dust equal stagnant, stuck, and broke. And even clean houses need routine deep cleaning.

Here’s a quick guide to cleaning your space that will get your chi moving in a prosperous groove.

1. Go to the bathroom.

Bathrooms should always be neat and tidy. Although they’re not positive from a feng shui sense, they are still a modern necessity! I wouldn’t want a house without one.

Make sure your bathroom is kept decluttered and regularly cleaned. Even if it’s not a fun job, everyone agrees that when a bathroom is clean, we feel cleaner and better — and that’s the point.

2. Take on the kitchen.

This is where you eat so it should be clean. Nothing attracts bugs faster than a dirty kitchen. Make it a goal to give your kitchen a complete once over. Spend time in there and really clean — the coils on the fridge, the oven, the floors, ceilings, windows – everything.

Don’t forget that a kitchen represents wealth, and how the grimy stove burners or crusted over burnt casseroles at the bottom of the oven reflect on the state of your finances.

3. Head into the bedroom.

Giving your bedroom a deep clean is excellent feng shui! When you sleep, you’re breathing in everything that’s in the room, i.e., pet dander, dust, mites from the bed, you name it.

Make it a point to clean under the bed and behind it because dust accumulates here and can cause breathing problems and make the room too yin. Then vacuum the mattress and flip and vacuum the new side.

Better still, giving your bedroom a thorough cleaning will help you rest more fully, and remember, a good night’s sleep supports you all day long. Don’t forget to vacuum the blinds and wash the curtains and bedspreads and blankets, and put the pillows out in the sun to refresh them.

4. Stop the paper trail.

Haven’t read that magazine or book? Chances are if you haven’t already you’re not going to now, so get rid of it. Conduct your own “paperectomy” and get rid of all that paper that’s just taking up space.

Excess paper leads to a lack of creativity and inability to stimulate new ideas and thoughts. Old books are old ideas. Unless you read them all the time and refer to them, get rid of them. Yes, even the cookbooks, old textbooks, anything you haven’t cracked open in years. Make room for new ideas to enter your life. Don’t forget: books are recyclable.

5. Concentrate in the corners.

This is where everything drifts to… the corner of the bedroom, the corners of the ceilings. Corners are a magnet for stacks of papers. On the ceiling, corners attract spider webs.

Corners typically become stagnant and then they attract more stagnant energy. By clearing out corners, you’ll start the chi flowing in your house and life.Clear out every corner you have, including closet corners.

6. Go outside.

Cleaning the exterior of your house is important because all chi starts at the outside and moves inward. If the chi is negative, dirty, broken, dead, or stained, that’s the kind of energy that enters your home and that’s the kind of energy you’ll live with. Even the dirt on your windows can cloud your view and change the way you look at things.

Rent a pressure washer and wash the house, sidewalks, patios, and driveways. Think of it as an exfoliating scrub for your home. If you have time and energy, work on cleaning your windows if they’re dirty. You’ll love your bright, sparkling house.

7. Head to the top.

Another source of stuck chi? Visual clutter. That’s why you need to clear off the tops of everything. This includes dressers, tables, counters, refrigerators — anything with a top. It also means dusting the tops of windows, door trim, and tops of baseboards. Dust just loves to hide on the tops of things.

Doing this simple step will help your energy feel lifted immediately because there is now visual space on the horizontal plane where our eyes naturally go. This helps our energy become unstuck.

8. Spring clean in one hour blocks of time.

Doing a deep clean on your home takes time and energy. Give yourself time to work on it without overdoing it. Try to tackle one drawer, one project, or one room at a time.

Do this consistently over the spring months and before you know it, the whole house will be clean and your home’s chi lifted, and your personal energy will be lighter and fresher.

You might find that the cleaner your house is, the luckier you are and the easier life becomes.

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