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"The Feng Shui of Clocks – Are they good feng shui or bad?"

By Kathryn Weber

Much has been written about whether clocks represent good feng shui or not. Like most things in life the definitive answer isn’t a yes or a no. Instead, the answer is: it depends. It’s the exception to the rule to find an instance where a feng shui answer is black and white.

But as far as clocks go, the answer is to whether they’re good feng shui or bad depends on how they’re used, how they’re received, and where they’re placed. When placed right and used properly, clocks are not a concern in feng shui. When they aren’t, that’s when trouble begins.

In general, clocks aren’t deemed auspicious in feng shui.

That’s because they represent the passage of time. When clocks are oversized, it represents an oversized presence of time and the passing of time. This implies death. That’s why the oversized clocks so popular on design blogs and in decorating today merely symbolize death and being under the gun of time.

Many clocks are known to stop when someone dies.

My own grandmother fought with her sister over a family heirloom clock given to their parents. Her sister retained the clock even though her mother had given it to my grandmother, and it painfully reminded her of the loss each time she visited my aunt’s home where the clock was prominently placed. However, when my grandmother died, the clock stopped at the exact time of her death and never worked again.

Feng shui requires balance in everything.

When a clock is over-sized, then it means there will be an oversized emphasis on time. Hanging a clock like this might make you feel pressured to do more in the day, feel like you can’t manage your time, or that time is running away from you. You may even feel physically ill.

On the other hand, there are times when a clock can handle some of feng shui’s most severe energies.

The 5 Yellow and Black 2 are two of those energies. When they’re strong, when they’re together or when you’re worried about their influences, a chiming or pendulum clock is one of the best ways to “wear down” the earth energy with the smooth, swinging back and forth of the pendulum or clear chime ringing out. Pendulum clocks also can bring some nice movement to a house that is too still, making then nice activators.

This year, the 5 Yellow is teaming up with the 3 Killings, though, so while the metal energy is usually helpful for the 5 Yellow, this year it's not as effective. But, it is helpful for the Black 2 star -- and might even stimulate a rare combination of energies that bring big windfalls, so place your clocks here!

A chiming clock also offers wonderful space clearing energy with the clear, bright sound of the chimes. In an earth-afflicted sector, a chiming clock will drain the negative energies of earth afflictions – or activate beautiful energies such as the 6 or 1 star. Remember: metal makes water (wealth)! So having a clock chiming and swinging in your home is a terrific way to activate some of the most beneficial energies in feng shui!

Read the following clock and watch do’s and don’ts to learn more about how clocks and watches affect your feng shui.


DO use a pendulum or chiming clock to activate the 6 star of networking and benefactors.

DO use a pendulum or chiming clock to activate the 1 star of opportunity and income.

DO use a pendulum or chiming clock to deplete and drain nasty earth stars (2&5) from becoming problematic (southwest and center in 2013).

DO make sure your clocks are not oversized or dominate your room.

DO hang clocks in hallways, living rooms or the kitchen.

DO make sure clocks next to the bed are small and not overly bright, if they’re electric.

DO make sure clocks in the bedroom wake you to a pleasant sound that you enjoy, such as chimes.

DO hang/place clocks in out of the way locations so the pressure of time isn’t overbearing.

DO hang clocks in the west, northwest and north corners of the house or living room.


DON’T hang a clock close to the front door or viewed by the front door.

DON’T hang a clock in the dining room as this implies death and rushing to eat.

DON’T hang over-sized clocks in the house as they impose unhealthy chi on the household.

DON’T allow clocks to be unwound and still. A still clock represents death and going backwards, plus limited opportunity.

DON’T hang clocks in the east, family sector, of the house or living room as this can cause problems in the family or oldest son, rifts and severe health problems. Clocks represent metal and should not be placed in a wood sector of family.

DON’T hang a clock too high on a wall as this appears that time is over you and this implies death.

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