Monday, 16 February 2015


A minor mishap had befallen yours truly.  The unfortunate incident happened when I was at the wet market at Kampung Simee in Ipoh.  I had tripped on a cable and fell face down on to the tar road.  Instinctively I used both my hands to break the fall.  However my face did graze the ground a bit and my glasses bore the brunt of the impact.  There were cracks on the left lens.  My chin, nose and palm were slightly bruised. Now my arms and shoulders are sore.  However I am thankful that my injuries were minor.  If the glass had broke and a bit of it went into my eye, then that would have been serious.  If I did not break the fall with my hands I would have ended up with a badly bruised face.


Rich said...

Always a shock to the system when this happens. I hope you recover and enjoy New Year!

Miss Cheah said...

Thanks for the concern. Hopefully I will feel much better in a couple of days' time.