Saturday, 27 December 2014


This beauty of a flagship smartphone is the Galaxy Note Edge.  The Note Edge has only been released in a few countries including South Korea,Japan, the US, Germany, United Kingdom, Australia and Singapore. 
Unfortunately, Malaysia is not on the list but those who want one can pop down south to Singapore. One thing though, this phone is rather pricey, it retails for S$1248 in Singapore which is about RM3,300 here in Malaysia.
So what is so special about this phone?
The curved edge of the screen also features a few unique smart features, it is able to be used as a quick launch bar to launch your favorite apps assigned to the edge, it also has a notification bar that previews incoming call, texts or e-mails and the edge is also being used to control the camera app which has a dedicated software key camera shutter on one side and camera settings on the rest of the edge, the edge is also used as music controls, to preview incoming social network status updates, weather information, sport scores and more. The edge also features "Quick Tools" which Samsung included a few basic features such as being able to use it as a ruler, a stopwatch, a timer, to turn on the LED as a flashlight and a voice recorder. Overall this is a small start; Samsung expects its developers to take advantage of the edge to incorporate new features to apps and to truly enhance the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge experience.

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