Tuesday, 25 November 2014


Junior came back from the Animal Clinic at noon today. I left him there in Dr Murrugaya's care from Friday afternoon. Besides boarding there over the weekend, Junior also received treatment for kurap. Earlier he was dewormed. He is now over at Kak Noraini's place while I shop for a better cage for it.
A few of my friends commented that Junior was skinny when they saw pictures that I had Whatsapped to them yesterday. Indeed, the little kitten looks very thin. Kak Noraini and I think that it is because of worms. After deworming, the both of us saw lots of worms being passed out by the kitten. All this while, the food that Junior ate went to the worms. Hopefully after the treatment for kurap (ringworms) and the deworming, Junior will gain more weight,

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