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By Kathryn Weber

Crystals have long been thought to possess mystical qualities. Certain crystals and stones have long been associated with having healing abilities, the ability to focus thought or intention or even transmutation. And this is no longer an issue of belief any longer.

We know scientifically that crystals, specifically silicon crystals, are the chief reason for ever faster processing speeds in computer.

But there are other stones and crystals in feng shui that have different applications and uses for creating beneficial energy to clearing your thoughts!

One thing that all gems and stones have in common is the belief that they represent the highest, most beautiful forms of vital and precious earth energies refined in their coloring, beauty and intrinsic qualities. Their greatest quality is their ability to magnify energies.

Here are some of the most common and popular feng shui stones and crystals and how to use them.

1. Jade

Jade is a both a crystal formation and because of its prized value, it’s also a valuable gem. The coloring can range from white to yellow to deepest green. The greater the translucence, the greater the value jade has. Jade is worn in amulets to pendants and bracelets. A very common way to wear jade is as a bangle. Jade is thought to purify the blood, promote good health and longevity. A multipurpose stone, jade is a symbol of growth, wealth and prosperity. Real jade always feels cool or cold on the skin.

2. Quartz crystal

Clear quartz crystal has so many uses in feng shui. From using it to stimulate thought to creating harmonious relationships, quartz is versatile. Crystal points are often used to help create clear thought and enhance thinking ability. Students often carry quartz points to help them do well on tests. Quartz crystal is often made into faceted crystals, smooth crystal balls, jewelry and even chandeliers. When light is applied to the crystal is enhances the faceted crystal by throwing prisms of colored light. This rainbow light is thought to be especially auspicious and beneficial and can help an unloved person feel loved when they bathe in this light.

3. Citrine

Beautiful and lemony-yellow, citrine is the color of business. It represents the earth element with its yellow color. Because of its golden-hue, citrine is thought to attract wealth and prosperity. Someone in sales or in business – or just wanting to climb the ladder of success would benefit from having a citrine crystal on the desk.

4. Amethyst

With its deep purple color, amethyst is a royally-colored stone associated with great wealth. Amethyst can be worn as jewelry or displayed in the home. Amethyst geodes are believed to possess great wealth energy and often used in gem trees. Because of their association with the earth mother, it is believed to be able to keep a wandering husband at home. They are also believed to be able to provide healing energy, reducing anger and depression.

5. Rose quartz

This is known as the love stone. The pink stone represents the sweet and tender feelings of love in a committed relationship. Singles looking to attract love can use rose quartz to help attract love. If your relationship is troubled, keep a rose quartz heart close by to help promote healing and loving feelings. This beautiful stone helps us connect with our loving feelings. Worn as a pendant or placed in the home, rose quartz imbues all in contact with it with greater heartfelt connection.

6. Cinnabar

Though not often seen in the west, cinnabar is quite common in the east. The mineral cinnabar occurs around new volcanic activity or alkaline hot springs and is associated with mercury, pyrite, marcasite, opal, quartz, chalcedony, and dolomite. It is rarely if ever used in feng shui. What’s most commonly thought of as cinnabar is actually a resin product. This cinnabar that is used in feng shui is an ancient resin that’s been used for medicine, varnish, incense, dye, and decoration and often called dragon’s blood.

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