Friday, 28 November 2014


My fridge is not as neat as I want it to be. I have leftover food that have remained inside for weeks. Some of the fruits I have in the bottom compartment begs to be placed in the garbage bin.
Actually the contents and organisation of the fridge have bearings on the Feng Shui of the home.
Stale food in fridge gives out YIN (negative energy) and affects the whole family.
We need to regularly clean up the fridge and assess the date of expiry of food items like fish, dairy products, vegetables and fruits. See that the food stored is properly covered and stored in your fridge. Do remove packets, empty or those which have passed expiry date out and throw them.
Try to keep your fridge organised by keeping the things in their proper places,
Do not over stock your fridge. No doubt it has been mentioned that a full fridge means good feng shui but an over stocked one is not; it means the person is unorganized and irresponsible to nature and its gifts from universe,

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