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Fengshui & the clever use of water inside the house / office
06 Aug 2014

Master Lynn Yap

1) Fengshui is about the study of the earth’s energies around the environment.

2) The water element is used in fengshui as part of its solution to activate certain of the earth’s energies. Otherwise, why call it "wind" and "water" ? There is a profound meaning here.

3) The water element can be used to activate wealth in fengshui or used to activate fame, if used correctly.

4) However, the water element can also be used to activate sickness, legal matters or troublesome/accident energies.

5) Therefore, the conclusion here is that : water cannot be placed in any part of the house unless advised by a professional fengshui master.

6) Otherwise, you might wrongly activate the negative legal matter, troublesome energy or sickness.

7) The type of water element do have an impact on the amount of wealth or fame that can come from it.

8) Real, “running water” is preferred than “still water” element.

9) Real, running water refers to water features like fountains, ponds or even table top fountains. It also brings about faster wealth. The fastest that one can see is two months after the water feature is activated.

10) However, the secret here is : the bigger the storage of water, the more the wealth that it can hold or keep.

11) “Still water” element refers to waterfall pictures or 9 koi fishes. This takes a long time to see the first instant of wealth and is usually 6 months later. The wealth amount is also smaller than real running water.

12) Of course before you set out to buy your water feature, your fengshui master would have to match your bazi and the pond size and give advice accordingly.

13) Therefore, fengshui is a rather complex matter and hence not many can qualify to be a good fengshui master. It has to depend on one's destiny.

14) The other hidden secret is that : the dirtier the water in the fountain or the pond, the better.

15) Currently, now we are referring to the water element inside the house/office.

16) There are also other criterias for water element outside the house/office. We shall discussed this in the next issue.


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