Saturday, 18 October 2014


Air Coolers and air Conditioners in Feng Shui Where to have air conditioners and feng shui tips

Air Coolers and air Conditioners in Feng Shui are considered not so good energy as they produce artificial forces that are not existing in nature. Yet in todays' environment we see homes and offices having air coolers and air conditioners installed in every room and in fact they just cannot do without these.
The fact also comes up in cold snow countries where heaters are a must for survival.
Air conditioners do produce forces and energy from their vents as chi enters your space , even though artificially is a source to invite yang flow thus balancing the yin , that is hot or cold at home. With proper flow of energy the inmates feel peaceful and are able to work constructively.
Feng shui and air conditioners/ air coolers some simple tips-
1) Try to maintain the temperatures to near normal and never extremes. Have temperatures set in your air conditioners near to what is acceptable to body.
2) never install air coolers or air conditioners above your head rest in bedroom, the flow will go in opposite direction. And also affect your rest and sleep.
3) Avoid vents of ac or air coolers right in front of seating arrangements in living room or bed in bedroom , as again the blast of air will affect your life adversely.
4) Always keep the Air conditioner or air cooler vents dust free and clean.
5) Choose air conditioners and air coolers according to your personal needs and budget. No point in having a large air conditioner for small spaces and also the high maintenance costs will affect your outgoing wealth in terms of regular electricity bills.
6) Never have air conditioners right in front of your seating arrangement or bed as here also the strong blast will come directly to your body, too strong an energy again is not good for the feng shui of your body.
7) Most importantly even if you have air conditioners in all rooms try to invite fresh energy at least for some part of the day. As air flow is very essential to maintain the feng shui of your home, which affects directly your health and happiness.

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