Friday, 17 October 2014


1) In the old days some 5000 years ago, they named this art “Feng Shui” made up of two Chinese characters, wind and water. Why do they call it such ? There must be some profound secret hidden in these two words, isnt it ? Think deeply and reflect. Look at nature and look at how the wind blows, this way, that way. The answer is there. In nature and in the Universe.

2) The clever use of water can affect our lives greatly. That was covered in the previous tip.

3) Water was therefore the cure for most fengshui issues and they can also bring trouble too if wrongly located.

4) Wind on the hand , is natural and it can be un natural.  Strong wind, Weak wind. There is no colour for wind. Wind is mostly felt. Hence the sense of "touch". 

5) Natural wind usually blow straight into houses/offices that are facing either North or South.

6) Hence these facing for houses or condos/apartments are the best as there is always a great deal of wind and is non stop.

7) However there is a negative point too.

8) When the house is too windy, it means that money goes out quite often and can be non stop too. That is why using air con in the house can help for some houses/condos.

9) Wind that is un natural would be wind that come from air conditions or fans. It can also be anything that stirs up Qi, the energy that is there in the environment.

10) The right placement of air cons and fans are also important in the study of fengshui.

11) If you can, place the air con blower in the wealth and power area of your house and that can help you improve your house or office fengshui straight away.

12) When you live near the sea, the wind that blows into your house would be quite “wet” and when metal starts to rust in the house, that is not a good sign.

13) People staying in this kind of house usually tend to always fall sick too. Closing the windows can help solve this issue.  


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