Thursday, 23 October 2014


Firstly my apologies to all those people who sent comments or queries to the Xing Fu blog.  I haven't been checking on my blogspot account for some time as I have been tremendously busy with work at the college.  To add to my already busy schedule, I was sent for a two week course at Politeknik Balik Pulau.  When I checked just now, I had 19 comments waiting to be moderated and also emails from visitors to this blog.
Secondly, I need to inform everyone that I am still busy and will be so until the year end holidays which is about 3 weeks away.  Next week, the officers from the MQA are coming to check the files and since I hadn't been around, I would have to do a lot of updating.  Also, the examinations for Years 1 and 2 will begin.  So there will be invigilation and also marking.
Please bear with me for a while.  I will get to replying your comments and queries once I have the time.
Thirdly, I am doing fewer blog posts at present as I have to see to my work commitments first.  Please don't abandon my blog.  I promise I will write more once the holidays come around.
In the above picture, you can see me with one of the tutors for the English language course for Polytechnic, community and vocational college lecturers.

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