Wednesday, 17 September 2014


My former neighbour, Mrs Ooi, has been diagnosed as suffering from renal failure and has to undergo dialysis 3 times a week. When we first heard the news, Lai Yoong and I visited her at her home.  That time, she was looking very run down and was not her lively self.
A couple of weeks ago, the two of us visited Mr and Mrs Ooi again.  We wanted to see how she was doing.  We were glad to see that she was looking better and was her usual chatty self.   Mrs Ooi has to quit her job as a seamstress at a tailoring shop and her husband who works as a store assistant also could not go to work as he has to look after her.  Luckily there are many kind and generous people who have come forward to extend monetary aid for her dialysis treatment.  However, kidney failure is not something that can be cured unless she gets a transplant.  So her treatments will be long term and that means she will be needing a lot of funds.

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