Wednesday, 3 September 2014


Hydrangea flowers were discovered in Japan. The name is derived from the Grecian words for water (hydor) and jar (angos), which loosely translates into "water barrel," a reference to the bell- or cup-shaped growth pattern of the flowers.

Hydrangea Meaning
Hydrangea flowers convey heartfelt, deep feelings when given as a gift. More specific meanings of hydrangea flowers have been debated at length. Some floral experts say hydrangea flowers convey vanity, while others say the flowers express thankfulness to a person with an understanding nature. Under any meaning, hydrangea flowers are the blossom of choice for the fourth wedding anniversary.

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Kevin said...

The colour of the hydrangea indicates the pH of the soil. Acidic soils (pH below 7) produce pink or red flowers. Alkaline soils (pH above 7) produce blue flowers. If you want the hydrangea to change colour - change the acidity.