Saturday, 2 August 2014


The Buddhist Association in Sitiawan is holding a two day Yu Lan Prayer Ceremony. Prayers by monks and Buddhist devotees are offered to the souls of the dearly departed. Both Lai Yoong and I registered the names of our departed loved ones for the ceremony. I was there this morning to offer my respects to my late mum and dad.

 The details of my late parents for the Yu Lan Prayer Ceremony.

You can see those who registered for the main table in the picture here. There is a tablet plus offerings of fruit, water and vegetarian food.  Lai Yoong chose the main table package and  paid RM200 for the 2 day ceremony. I registered my parents for the Yu Lan ceremony at Paradise Memorial Park and it is there that they have tablets and offerings. At the Buddhist Association here, I bought the flowers and vegetarian food as offerings.

Offerings I bought placed near my parents' names.

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