Saturday, 23 August 2014


I saw this colourful bus parked in the compound of the SK Seri Sitiawan school and was told that this was the PINTAR Mobile Learning Unit. This is a sponsored school under the PINTAR foundation.This Foundation functions with the mission to make a meaningful difference in the lives of Malaysian students from the underserved communities.
I asked for permission to go up and check out the bus when it was the turn of my friend Shima to go up with her wards.  So what is this all about?  I was told that the PINTAR Mobile Learning Unit (PMLU) is a customised vehicle fitted with various educational tools which serves to reach out to PINTAR Students by taking knowledge to them.  The educational activities and information covers the five segments of Advocating Responsibility: Health, Hygiene, Nutrition, Safety and the Environment. Pop Quizzes and Treasure Hunts were introduced to facilitate the learning process and elevate the interactivity between learning and teaching. The unit travelled to underserved areas and brought knowledge to the students via fun, yet thought-provoking activities.

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