Wednesday, 9 July 2014


Yesterday evening I queued for about 12 minutes before I could make my order for popiah at the popular Pyan Popiah Stall. I ordered 20 pieces of popiah. Another 8 minutes went by before I got my order. This stall at the Ramadhan Bazaar behind The Old Billion has lots if customers. I endured the hot sun and the long wait because I was curious.
These are the fried popiah that I queued 20 minutes for. I bought 10 fried and 10 unfried ones. Hey I didn't eat all the 20. I gave 15 to my friends.
So were they worth the wait? Yes. The fried ones were crispy and tasty. But I must say that it is the sauce that gives the popiah its oomph. I am not sure about the popiah basah as I gave them to Buzz and Kama. Must ask them.

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