Wednesday, 9 July 2014


I did not follow the Brazil vs Germany match as I already knew that the Germans were going to win. I went to sleep at 12.30 a.m and woke at 6.40 a.m. to find the Teletubby having a field day lambasting the Neymarless Brazil on the Internet. If you had watched the previous matches when Neymar was playing you would realise he is the playmaker. Scolari built his team around ONE man. Take him away and the semi finals thrashing is what you see. After this Neymar's worth will be doubled. Barcelona will never sell him. And Barca is the team to watch as besides Neymar and Messi they are getting Suarez too. Same thing happened to Uruguay without him.

Not satisfied with 'ejek-ing' me on Facebook, this Oranje fan came personally to torture me at the library over the thrashing of Brazil by the Germans.

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