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"Desk Feng Shui — Tips for Selecting an Auspicious Office Desk"

by Kathryn Weber

There’s a piece of office equipment that often escapes your notice. Too often we put our work attention squarely on the electronics that occupy our work lives. Computer equipment, software programs, and email take a major priority over what is often the foundation of your work environment – your desk.

An office desk is more than a slab of wood or metal or glass. It’s the source of your work, and your earnings.

Most of the time, all your work is accomplished on your desk, making it vital that your desk is suitable for helping you to work effectively. If a desk doesn’t have enough storage, is too small, placed awkwardly, or has a questionable provenance, your work will be affected. This creates the potential for career problems and financial difficulties — or if your desk has good feng shui, it can be source of opportunity and monetary gain.

When it comes to feng shui and desks, there’s been a lot written …place a dragon here, files go there, turn your desk this way or that way.

But what about the desk itself?

Are there some desks better than others? Are some taboo? What’s the best size, style, material? It’s these underlying feng shui guidelines about desks to know if you want your desk to support your career, business and financial ambitions!

Here are some tips to check on your desk feng shui.

Desk size. Yes, size matters in a desk. A desk that’s too small creates a restricted career and low financial potential. If you’re in business for yourself or anxious to climb a career ladder, make sure your desk is “executive sized.” In America, that size is 6 feet wide and 3 feet deep, approximately. Other sizes recommended are 5 feet wide by 3 feet deep. If your desk is too small, try to get a larger desk to symbolize upward mobility.

Desk material. By far, the best material for a desk is wood. Wood represents healthy , vibrant growth. If your desk is glass, then you are losing vital support at work. In an office environment, it will cause unpopularity. If you’re in sales or business for yourself, deals will “fall through” the transparent glass rather than grow and build, making success elusive.

Desk shape. A rectangular shaped desk is the most auspicious and represents growth. Desks that are L-shaped are not the bad feng shui everyone thinks they are. Treat each one as a separate desk and use the L shape to help you face an auspicious direction. Arc-shaped desks can be very hazardous to your career. These should be avoided in favor of a traditional shape.

Desk provenance. How and where you get your desk also matters a great deal. Ideally, the desk will be new or will be from a successful person. Of course, it’s not always possible to tell where a desk came from, and if that’s the case, you should wipe it down with a cloth that’s been dampened in salt water.

Hard furniture such as desks, dressers and chests absorb the chi from the people they were surrounded by. Doing this little ritual will help ensure that if the desk was from an unsuccessful person, the chi will be wiped away.

Desk position. Without a doubt, the best position is opposite the door to your office. This is the command position and confers authority and executive standing. When your desk is pushed against a wall, there is nothing but an obstacle ahead of you. Even if you’re in a cubicle, you can usually turn to face toward the entry to your office.

Sometimes, it may be necessary, in the case of the 3 Killings, to turn your back to the door to face the 3 Killings affliction. If you aren’t able to face a personal feng shui auspicious direction, remember that you gain great chi merely by being positioned correctly, so don’t over concern yourself with your personally auspicious directions if you can turn your desk in a way that it observes proper feng shui.

Desk chair. The office desk and executive chair go together like salt and pepper. It’s important that you have a quality high back chair with arms when seated at your desk. The arms represent the tiger and dragon (yin and yang) and will help support you at work. When you’re a desk worker, don’t scrimp on a quality chair; your neck and back will thank you.

Desk feng shui. Give your desk a good feng shui arrangement, always making sure to keep the front of the desk open and clear and welcoming to new opportunities and prosperity. For men, put important files and work on the left side of the desk, for women, use the right side, but never let files get too high on either side. Better to stack files behind you, which will give you added support. Add a smooth crystal ball in the northeast or southwest corner of the desk to make relationships smooth at work.

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