Wednesday, 16 July 2014


I went to the Pondok in Lekir this evening. I wanted to meet Puan Aisyah, Ustaz Syed's assistant, to make confirmations about the number of orphans and needy. She told me that there are 17 orphans and 10 needy persons (17 anak yatim, 10 fakir miskin). So the total is 27. There are also 47 Opahs (grannies) at the Pondok. Puan Aisyah and I also made arrangements for when to take the 27 to buy Raya clothes. We decided on Tuesday, 22nd July, 2014. We will be visiting the 47 Opahs on Thursday, 24th July 2014.
You can see me with Syed Yassin and two of the orphans. They lost their mother to cancer last Raya.

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