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How to Avoid Infidelity- The Feng Shui Way
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How to avoid infidelity- the Feng Shui way

Infidelity means unfaithfulness to a sexual partner, especially the spouse.

Most of us today didn’t realize the cause of infidelity mostly is from the bedroom itself. Every time the media gives attention to the topic of infidelity and cheating spouses, many couples internally ask the questions of how they would coupe up with such situations.

Marriage can survive infidelity. It’s not easy but u can try. How?

Through Feng Shui. Yes, it an ancient art and science developed over 3,000 years ago in China. It is a complex body of knowledge that reveals how to balance the energies of any given space to assure the health and good fortune for people inhabiting it.

For those who have found the love of their life, it is better to know what are the taboos in the bedroom before your marriage gone sour. It is a good idea to guard against this by ensuring that nothing in the home is set in the wrong place causing happiness to be spoiled. Small correction with the arrangement of furniture and sleeping positions can avoid many problems associated with infidelity. It is easy to adopt a strategy of prevention than cure.

First: be careful with water placement in or outside the house.
Swimming pools or ponds around the house usually cause imbalance to the elements and could lead to sex and love scandals. This will happen when the pool or pond is on the right-hand side of the front door. (Standing inside looking out the main door) If you have water features placed inside the house make sure it is not on the right hand side of the main door too.

Second: bed positions.
There are good and bad placement for bed. The best location for the bed is to have it diagonally opposite the door. It is best to sleeps according to the husband’s romance direction. You can a check about the romance direction from a Feng Shui book. You are also advised not to sleep with your feet or head pointed to your bedroom door, nor an exposed overhead beam which can send killing energy and press down those who sleeps below it. Choosing a bed with a strong bed head is a wise decision for a couple to make. Thus, a strong bed head resemble a strong relationship. Never sleep in a bed with two separated mattress which can lead to a separation.

Some bedroom came with toilet. The toilet however can cause the marriage luck of the couple to “flow away”. This is happened when a couple sleeps with their head pointing to the toilet’s wall which leads to a financial loss and disagreement in everything they do. Always close the toilet’s door in your bedroom.

Third: Mirror in the bedroom.
When you placed a mirror directly facing and reflect the bed, it can cause you or your partner to have a roving eyes, which encourage infidelity. It is said that mirrors has either very good or bad energy that can harm the bedroom. The larger the mirrors are, the more harmful they can be to a marriage. The best way to overcoming a problem caused by mirror is to remove them completely from the bedroom, no matter how nice and expensive they are.

Fourth: Flowers and plants.
Flowers and plants are best to be place outside the bedroom because they can bring yang energy. Also, try to avoid hanging baskets, potted plants or fresh flowers in the room used for sleeping and rest. Curtain and wallpaper with small flower motifs are fine but not photo and picture of flowers.

Fifth: Evil eyes
Just like mirrors, a television screens also have reflective surfaces when they are turned off. Placing a television or something like it near a bed produces the same effect as a mirror. It can cause the separation of the couple. Remove it from your room and you will see that your problems should quickly subside. Some couple places a television in the room and watch movies together but they didn’t know that this can affect their love life in no time.

Sixth: Avoid the poison arrows.
Open bookshelves and any protruding corner in the bedroom can cause a couple to have stressful relationships especially if it facing their bed. This is because the killing energy from an open bookshelves and protruding corners are like knives which cutting the occupants of the room. It is good to have shelves with doors which cover them completely. Remember to not to use glass door as this also will have the same effect as mirrors do. If you cannot afford to install bookshelves with doors, try to cover them with curtain.

Seven: Keep auspicious symbols in your bedroom.
The mystic knot or the endless knot are often use as an auspicious symbol in a relationship. Try to have this symbol at least a small one in your bedroom south-west corner to symbolize a long lasting relationship. A pair of mandarin ducks also another way to boost your love luck. Having them in pair, in a form of paintings, ceramics or wood carving are consider very auspicious.

Last but not least, do remember keep your bedroom from a very loud noise or placing too many yang objects there and always decorate with soft cool colours for good blends of yin and yang energy.


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