Monday, 9 June 2014


I have many times heard my friends or students telling me that they have a migraine.  The problem is I don't see them suffering the symptoms that I do.  No doubt they have a very bad headache but it might not necessary be migraine.  It could  be a sinus headaches, a cluster headache or a tension headache.
Let me share with you what I feel when I have a migraine attack.  Of course there is the intense pain. Usually on one side of the head.  It is like a big knitting needle going from that side of the head and into one eye and then being pulled out again and again. Then my vision is blurred and I see stars or bright light. I vomit and sometimes get cramps.  I can't stand the bright light and sound and would hide in the dark.    My eyes also become swollen.  I sleep like a frog as that makes me feel better.  Sometimes my hands feel numb.

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