Monday, 9 June 2014


About 8 years ago I frequented a stall in Canning Garden which had the most delicious tasting Siamese Laksa.  The lady who operated the stall, Ling Jie, also sold equally tasty Penang Laksa.  Unfortunately for me, Ling Jie had to call it quits a year later as she said age was catching up on her and it was rather tiring for her and her hubby.
I would often meet her and her husband when I went marketing in Ipoh as their house was near to mine.  A couple of weeks ago she told me she would set up a Laksa stall at the New Kum San Coffee Shop in Ipoh Garden.  I was ecstatic.  I made sure I had my fill of Siamese Laksa when I went to her stall on Sunday morning.  She even offered to add more noodles for me at no charge seeing that I wolfed down my plate within minutes.  But I couldn't be so greedy.  I told her I would be going again next weekend and bringing
Auntie Linda and my friend (meaning Lai Yoong) along.

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