Monday, 2 June 2014


Last weekend I was in Malacca to attend the 81st birthday celebration of my paternal aunt, Madam Cheah Siew Hin. I call her Ku Ma. Present with me are my two sisters, Li Lian and Li Mei, brothers-in-law, David and Michael. My nephews Jeremy and Benjamin also managed to find time to attend.  The Wong children were unable to attend.  Keefe is undergoing military service, Kelley is on vacation in Iceland and Kris has something to do.
The picture above shows my youngest aunt with her fours sons, two daughters and their spouses.
My sister Li Lian and her hubby, David
 My sister, Li Mei with her husband, Michael
 Me with members of my family
Attending Grand Birthday Dinner of my aunt
 My cousin, Nyuk Fun and I

 My cousin Rick singing Only You to entertain the guests
 My three nephews, Ivan, Jeremy and Benjamin
 My aunt posing with members of the Cheah family
 Nyuk Fun, her mum and I
 Me with my third aunt.  She is 87 years old this year
 Other than Jeremy, the ladies here all have the surname Cheah.  
 Benjamin and his Yee Yee
 Jeremy, Li Na and Benjamin
The Tan Family

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