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Enjoy reading this article by Kathryn Weber on how Feng Shui has helped make Feng Shui easier.  Read on to find out more.
"How Google Can Improve Your Feng Shui"

by Kathryn Weber

It seems almost impossible now to do anything without “Googling” it first. Want a shrimp recipe? You can get more than two million in a click. Need to learn how to sweat a pipe replacement in the bathroom? A Google-owned Youtube video comes to rescue. In fact, you have to wonder….how did we ever live without Google?

Everything has become easier with Google — including feng shui.

Feng shui is an ancient art that some might call the 5,000 year old Chinese secret weapon. And it’s still a potent weapon to be sure. Just look at the real estate sales in locales like Hong Kong, Singapore or Sydney. The feng shui of a house can make or break the deal that can run into the multiples of millions.

But how does the average homeowner use Google to improve your feng shui?

Easy. Google Maps. By taking a quick look at your home from above thanks to Google’s fabulous satellites and mapping capabilities, you can get an idea of the landscape and architectural features around your house that contribute to the quality of your feng shui.

In a recent story, a home in Sydney with a $20 million dollar price tag was passed over by a potential buyer because that buyer’s feng shui consultant saw a stone formation on Google Maps that the consultant said was aimed like a knife at the house. In this case, the value of Google Maps was about $20 million to that homeowner trying to sell the house.

For understanding landscape features and their impact on your feng shui, Google is just like Mastercard – it’s priceless.

You can see at a glance exactly what surrounds your house in both the immediate area and further out.

This is a boon for anyone looking to truly understand the feng shui of their house, which starts at the outside. That’s because all chi starts from the outside and goes in. Your home’s surroundings, roads, buildings, natural elements (mountains, rivers, stones, earth, etc.) has a great influence on your home’s feng shui.

Here’s a Google shot of my house on a Google Map….

Looking at the map above you can see we’re close to Lake Travis in Austin, Texas where we live. Lake Travis looks like a dragon, doesn’t it? It’s also one of the reasons why we chose this location. Being close to water with a southwest facing house that looks at the lake is extremely beneficial feng shui.

As a feng shui consultant, when I go on a consultation call to a client’s house, I begin looking at their home on the drive up to the house, not just when I walk through the front door.

The chi isn’t just what lives inside the house, it’s what flows from the outside into the house and then the house reacts to it. Understanding your home’s surroundings is vital to truly understanding your home’s feng shui – and what’s influencing it. And if you’re house hunting, get a good aerial look-see on Google Maps before buying.

Maybe you’ll find out that you live close to a cemetery, or that there was a big ditch that is hidden by trees, or some other environmental aspect that can impact your home. Many times taking a look on Google Maps can show you things in your surroundings you didn’t know were there for good or for ill. Either way, Google comes to the rescue again. But who’d have thought it would be for feng shui?

So, go Google your house. You might be surprised by what you find and how it helps you to understand your feng shui.


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